Kiam Sherwood H-60 Petrol Hedge Trimmer (22.5cc)

Kiam Sherwood H600 Petrol Hedge Trimmer (21.7cc) 2 stroke

Kiam Sherwood H600 Petrol Hedge Trimmer (21.7cc) 2 stroke

The Kiam Sherwood H600 2 stroke Petrol Hedge Trimmer, trims hedges & shrubs fast and effectively, ideal for small,medium & large size hedges. The hedge trimmer is light and  has an adjustable handle for ease of use.

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With a double sided reciprocating blade this hedge trimmer easily cuts through material up to 30mm in diameter and will make light work of maintaining hedges. It features a 180 degree twist-grip rear handle which adjusts to three positions for comfortable working. (Upright, Left-side & right-side)
The Kiam Sherwood H600 petrol hedge trimmer is an essential garden tool if you have a garden with hedges and shrubbery to maintain. It is a tool with a cutting blade, a housing unit for the motor, operating switch and a starting mechanism. It is powered by a 2 stroke petrol engine and is convenient and handy to use.

The H-60 petrol hedge trimmer is suitable for medium / large garden areas where electricity supply is not obtainable or where a battery powered hedge trimmer is not a practical option. You will not have to contend with trailing wires or cables if you opt for a petrol trimmer. Besides, the battery operated models sometimes lose power in the middle of a trimming session; this does not happen with petrol driven hedge trimming.

•    Powerful 21.7 cc 2-stroke engine
•    Anti-vibration system
•    Cordless Freedom – means  no danger of cutting an electric cord!
•    Diamond ground dual action blades for cleaner cuts and reduced vibration
•    Front switch and integral guard for added safety
•    featuring Easy-Start carburettor
•    60cm long Double-sided reciprocating blades
•    includes blade sheath.
•    180 degree twist grip handle ( for left & right handed use)

More Information
Model: H600
Engine: 2-stroke, 1-cylinder,air-cooling
Blade Type: Double blades
Blade Length: 600mm
Displacement: 21.7 cc
Carburettor: Diaphragm type
Starting Method: Recoil starter
Fuel / Oil Mixture Ratio: 25:1
Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.6 ltr
Weight (Dry): 5.9 kg
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